MSC - Maritime Systems Consulting, LLC

Managing Marine Operations Through Technology

Client Comments

"Maritime Systems Consulting LLC's products have helped our business tremendously.  Many of the systems that we use offer limited reporting functionality, challenges in talking to other systems, and challenges in development of any efficient workflows.  In addition to creating customized products that have helped overcome some of these challenges, MSC has always offered useful recommendations and analysis in creating the correct solution - even if it means using products which are not theirs."

Ira Douglas, Director of Marine Personnel, Crowley Maritime Corporation

"The MSC DB Reporting tool has allowed us to look at our data in new and more meaningful ways. We are finally able to gain access to the operational data and this is allowing us to gain insight in how we can improve our operations."

Mark Barker, President, Interlake Steamship Company

“Maritime Systems Consulting’s Reporting Tool is an integral part of the interface between our mission critical application - NS5 and our ERP - Oracle. During implementation, MSC not only developed the application meeting all our requirements but also guided us through all critical steps along the way. Post implementation, the support has been outstanding with reference to guidance and upgrades.”
Saikat Basu, Manager Marine Systems, Helix Energy


"Since APL Maritime has become a user of Maritime Systems Consulting LLC's Reporting Tool, the data that is buried in NS5 has become readily available and custom reports are the norm.  More importantly is the customer service provided by the Maritime Systems Consulting LLC team, they are always available to help and in all cases when there was a problem, it was fixed within 24 hours."

Christopher Rodenhurst, USCG (Ret), Fleet Technical Information Coordinator, APL Maritime LTD

"We have used Maritime Systems Consulting LLC for our NS5 consulting needs since early 2007.  We have been pleased with the knowledge and responsiveness that they have provided.  MSC is extremely professional and has helped make our crew payroll processing much more efficient"

Tara Bourgeois, Accounting Manager, Pacific-Gulf Marine
"The Accounting Inferface that Maritime Systems Consulting provided reduced everything from costs associated with producing accurate reporting and billing each month to stress on the staff to meet very tight deadlines.  We have seen a marked improvement in morale as well as accuracy with their help. I would always consider using them first for future needs."

Kathryn Willett, Matson Navigation Services

"Maritime Systems Consulting LLC has helped us take our NS5 implementation to the next level.  MSC was able to make us more productive and leverage the powerful features in NS5, making NS5 an integral part of our operations ashore in the office, at the warehouse, and afloat. MSC was able to tailor training to meet our requirements for the specific needs of our office and onboard staff.  We would highly recommend MSC to guide both new and existing NS5 clients."

Tong Pham, System Analyst, Fugro