MSC - Maritime Systems Consulting, LLC

Managing Marine Operations Through Technology


Consulting is the business of providing solutions based upon expert knowledge, methodical planning, and flawless execution. Of course, in many cases, one part of the solution will be standard marine packages that are available, such as ABS NS5 or Spectec's AMOS, as well as others. However, we must be realistic that these packages are designed to satisfy a broad breadth of clients. The main benefit of this broad brush approach is that they are able to enjoy the economies of scale.

How does this affect you the operator? You may have processes that are fully covered, partially covered, or no coverage at all from these standard packages This is where the benefit of tailored business solutions comes in. The idea is to take the standard marine package as far as it can go and extend it to fully meet your business and operational needs.

The links on the left demonstrate some of the capabilities of Maritime Systems in extending these Systems to fit our customer's needs.