MSC - Maritime Systems Consulting, LLC

Managing Marine Operations Through Technology

System Design / Selection

With so many systems being available on the market, the decision as to which one fits the business is a complex one:  

  • ABS NS5
  • Spectec AMOS
  • STAR Information Systems
  • Danaos
  • Oracle eAM
  • MRO Maximo
  • others......

Obviously each package has it's strengths and weaknesses, however the selection of any off commercial marine software package should be based solely on your needs and how that software fits in your operating environment, where your primary motive is return on your technology investment.

To make a truly good decision, one must look at a number of factors. What processes are we trying to automate/computerize? How do these tie together? How does the software handle these situations? Can we improve our processes? Does the software package feed our other systems? What is the future of the package?  What technology is it based upon and does it fit wihtin our framework?

This sampling of questions combined with the tolerance and budget for change will drive the software and technology strategy within your company. Technology is certainly not an "All or Nothing" proposition, each firm has a tolerance for technology and the trick is to find that happy medium where the most return can be made.

Maritime Systems Consulting LLC has this experience to assist you in defining your requirements, making your selection but most importantly, avoiding the mistakes that others have made. We are not afraid to tell you those experiences and how they may play out depending on your situation. You may find out that you're trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, Maritime Systems Consulting LLC will let you know this. Let the best package win.....