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NS5 Reporting Tool

Maritime Systems Consulting LLC is pleased to announce the release of its tool called "MSC Reporting" which is a tool that makes the reporting from NS5 much simpler and accessible to mainstream users, allowing shipping companies to generate their own reports at will. This is the application which is allowing marine operators to realize the value of the data that they've collected in NS5.

The off the shelf NS5 database was challenging to generate reports with, due to many reasons, such as dozens of tables which had to be related before any meaningful report could be generated, other complexities related to the numerous revision documents which could be present, and various records were action dates that were based upon programming standards which did not directly relate to date/times at first glance. In many cases, the only way these could be unraveled is programmatically.

Recognizing the fact that it would be nearly impossible to teach marine operators all of these complexities, let alone it being a value added function to the marine operators, Maritime Systems Consulting LLC has developed a simplified reporting database which can be used by shipping companies where all of these complexities are handled prior to the presentation of the data to the user. The result is a simple database that can be used to answer all of the questions which the marine operator might raise about the data that they have generated over time.

The reporting database covers the following areas:

  • Purchasing (Requisitions, Request for Quotes, Purchase Orders, Invoices)
  • Maintenance (Work Orders, Drydocking)
  • Crewing (All Crewing Related Data)
  • Payroll (all payroll data, including checks)
  • Quality Compliance (Audits/CARS/Inspections/Meetings)
  • Replication and Site Management

Potential Uses and Reports

There are literally unlimited possibilities on the uses of the database. The following are some of the envisioned uses:

  • Fleetwide Custom Financial Reporting
  • Purchasing Performance Reporting
  • Spare Parts Consumption Reporting
  • Fleetwide Maintenance Reporting (including failure analysis)
  • Financial Accruals
  • Interfaces to Accounting Systems can be generated from the data (both from the Purchasing and Payroll data)
  • Workflow Reporting (ensuring users are following company protocol with respect to system usage)
  • Event Reporting (such as drydocking)
  • Can serve as basis for custom dashboard
  • Various Crewing Reports (EEOC, VETS-100, Pool Rotation, etc....)
  • Basis for Union Contribution Reporting (see detailed presentation with screenshots )
  • Payroll (all payroll data, including checks)
  • The variations of reports are endless .....

Maritime Systems Consulting LLC uses this tool as a common basis for all of its add-on products (such as tax-reporting, union contributions, various dashboards, and interfaces).