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Reporting Warehouse for NS5

Maritime Systems Consulting provides a reporting warehouse for NS5. This reporting warehouse is a simplified version of the NS5 database that has all of the complex relationships and structures normalized down to a simple to use database that can serve as the basis for developing custom reports and as a basis for software add-ons (such as interfaces and/or additional modules).

Our customers have completed projects that span the imagination of possibilities, from exposing information to their vendors via the web, to simplified reporting for their Port Engineers, to fully fledged interfaces with their financial packages. Maritime Systems Consulting LLC also uses this tool as the basis for all of its custom work related to NS5, as it has turned out to be a flexible and comprehensive tool that allows them to take NS5 to the next level.

At the current time, we have close to two dozen clients using this reporting warehouse, many of which have tightly tied this into their existing reporting structure.

The reporting warehouse covers the following areas of NS5:

  • Purchasing all documents/all facets
  • Project Reporting
  • Dry Dock Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Maintenance Management/Execution
  • Crewing
  • Payroll
  • Quality/ISM
  • Other Common Areas (Indexes, Replication, Attachments, etc...)

Using this information, clients are able to quickly and easily create their own custom reports using the report writer of their choice and which they are familiar with. Alternatively, you can choose to have Management Systems Consulting provide report writing services (as well as other services) utilizing this tool which has revolutionized the visibility of your NS5 vessel and office data.

The Reporting Warehouse is putting the information back into your hands for better information analysis and decision making